IoT developer (Rust & Erlang) at Sercomm


We need a developer who is open to working at any level in our stack, to work on an IoT system for the home area network of the UK smart metering program that allows you to monitor your energy use, but also supports Zigbee home automation and voice interaction using Alexa and Google home. We own most of our stack, from firmware to the cloud services. We also support Sercomm's router business with a similar system for home router automation.

About You

  • See yourself as a generalist when it comes to technology, happy to work with ( or learn about ) embedded Linux firmware, Erlang cloud services, mobile interfaces, AWS platform engineering with Terraform.

  • Resident in the UK, preferably within a reasonable occasional commuting distance from London. You will mostly work remote, but we sometimes need to be in the same room.

  • Are comfortable working proactively in a very small, but growing team

  • Open to occasional travel to Taiwan

  • Enjoy (or would like to) work with functional programming and fancy types

Our Stuff

We have a range of hardware that acts as the in home display for the UK smart metering programme that supports home automation devices and voice control via google home or embedded Alexa. We also support Sercomm with a derived system for allowing end users to inspect and configure their router.

Our Stack

  • Firmware and mobile application networking using Rust and C

  • Cloud services using Erlang

  • Platform engineering with AWS, Terraform, ELK, Prometheus etc

  • Mobile applications in React Native and Cordova