Senior Hardware Engineer - ATM Hardware at Bitstop


Senior Hardware Engineer - ATM Hardware

About Bitstop:

Bitstop is a Bitcoin technology company that builds tools and services to make Bitcoin easy and accessible. We believe Bitcoin already changed the world for the better and will continue to be a tool used to empower individuals and preserve their rights. Does that hit you right in the feels? Well, you may make a great addition to our team.

We started this mission in 2013. Since then, we've grown quite a bit. We’re based in sunny Miami, FL. Bitstop team members are open-minded, respectful, and professional. While composed of individuals who believe very different things about the world, the team is bound by its common passion for making Bitcoin accessible to the ones that need it the most.

Beyond the machines Bitstop is an avid supporter of Bitcoin Open Source software. We currently support contribution to several projects that go beyond Bitcoin ATMs. We always encouraged our team to contribute or get involved in new projects even if it’s not their main role. If all of this sounds really exciting to you, this may be a great place to work.

The Job:

You will be the senior software engineer in hardware for our ATM platform. You will help us level up and build our own device manager for our Bitstop Bitcoin ATMs and associated hardware components. Potentially, your job will create an ecosystem on its own where you have many manufacturers licensing our software. Your code must be cross platform. It should be initially supported on Windows and Linux for a known set of hardware devices. It will at first support our current hardware but may later be expanded to other software/hardware partners. The ideal candidate for this position will have prior experience programming or working with hardware interfaces for devices such as barcode scanners, bill acceptors, and thermal printers.

Required Skills:

- Professional hardware experience. We want to know this is not your first rodeo.
- Written low level code professionally.
- Must be able to write extensive technical documentation and manuals.
- At least 5 years of production experience on one of these languages: C, C++, C#
- Extensive knowledge of OS internals for Windows and Linux development.
- Must be able to architect a proper api/sdk.
- Some experience writing device drivers
- Some experience with relational databases
- Experience creating api's/lib's to interface with hardware
- Open mind to new languages, like: Rust
- Loves Open Source software.
Nice to haves:
- Past projects involving serial ports and serial communications.
- Some experience with Bitcoin will be a plus, but not mandatory.
- You test your code, it's 100% covered (or close)
- Writes Open Source software!


-- Lunch is covered.
-- Office Building Parking


$80,000 - 100,000+ (Depending on XP)